Danny Lobell’s “Fat Chance” is Deliciously Daring – Edinburgh Preview – ★★★★★

Fat Chance featured at The Hudson Theatre during the 2018 Hollywood Fringe Heads to Edinburgh.

In Danny Lobell’s first outing as a one-man shower, the 35-year old comedian, podcast host and festival organizer, took us on an inside journey into a personal and intricate world of the short con to success and survival. 

“Broke as a Joke” was an hilarious heartfelt reveal and went on to sell out houses and enthusiastic reviews at the 2017 Edinburgh Fringe Festival.  In Lobell’s new show, “Fat Chance”, Danny once again opens up his comedy veins, spilling insightful blood while delivering huge laughs to a hungry audience.

Camp Shane became Camp Shame.

The plump yet lovable Lobell’s opening gambit is a zinger: “I wrote most of this show when I was still fat” shows us who he’s kidding and begins to explain that being fat brings you attention and that getting fat in the first place was from his parents guilting him out over starving children in Africa.  While his parents sent him to “fat camp” (which Lobell’s twisted mind interpreted as a place to get fat), he ruined playground heckler’s and bully’s “your mom is so fat” jokes with encyclopedic logic.  Camp Shane became “Camp Shame”.  After that sweet little appetizer, Danny moves immediately to the main course.

Danny played Santa at a Peruvian Christmas party of all things, pimped out by his parents and this is just one feather of his misadventures.   You see, Danny is more than a comedian.  More than a fat guy.  Danny is a central character.  That’s what’s so fascinating about him.  The world literally revolves around him, but not at his choosing.  Which is the classic Medievil food.  I mean fool.

Danny explains his observations of the human race around fatties:

“Everyone wants to be the cool fat kid in the cool group.  But more than one fat kid and it becomes a fat group.”

Everybody Thinks Your Fat is Their Business

Someone comes up to him at a show and says: “I was gonna tell you you look like a fat Kevin Smith!”  Meant as a compliment, Danny replies: “You almost said that?

Full of Funny Fat One-Liners

“My wife got me a Fit-Bit.  I put it on the dog.”

“I joined the gym because the bench press was really comfortable.  I napped.”

“The treadmill shows down time.  I’d put a terminally ill patient on a treadmill.”

The Machinations of Losing Weight

Weighing portions, food on scale, reading the box, and finally sitting on a steak first to order a second steak.

“The ‘lottery’ of fat people is a bad thyroid,” explains Danny.  Good excuse for people, Danny says.  And when you first hear that, you begin to realize that being fat is no joke for people on a day to day basis.  In fact, just at this point of the show, Danny suddenly shifts to his heartfelt and painful mention of his friend the late comedian Ralphie May, himself a fat comedian who passed away last year.  May took Danny under his wing (and breast and thigh) and taught him how to deal with these clowns and took him on tour as his opening act.

“Get your comedy just desserts by seeing the sweet Danny Lobell’s Fat Chance.  A show filled with delicious creamy ideas is comedy comfort food at its best.” – Steven Alan Green, Larf Magazine

Danny’s basic philosophy is never to put office supplies into his body.  After all, people suggested over the years: stomach staples, rubber bands, paper clips and probably even copier toner.  Lobell’s poetic insight that it’s not a heart “attack,” it’s a heart “surrender”, deftly leads us to the end of the plank with “I wanted to do this show while I still had a fat chance.”

Full of charm and humanity and laughs, Danny Lobell’s new one-man show “Fat Chance” is surely to attract a comedy hungry crowd at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this year.  Make sure you catch it.  He’s got a lot for you to digest.  And, it’s a free show.  You won’t need to spend any of those British “Pounds”.

Fat Chance written by and starring Daniel Lobell premiers at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival August 3 at “The Coffee House” 144 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 1QS and runs through August 26.  Shows daily, except Saturdays. 

“Fat Chance” Edinburgh Preview: Five outta Five Stars


For Larf Magazine,

This is Steven Alan Green,

June 25, 2018