Company Purview (when we're not drunk)

Loving, supporting, analyzing and enjoying the arts of live comedy.  We at Larf take our comedy very seriously.  Our deluded vision is if you took the best of Mad Magazine, The New Yorker, Punch, and Rolling Stone (if it were geared towards comedy rather than music), scrunch it all together in a brain blender, throw in some advertising and, as the Brits say: "Bob's yer uncle!" meaning everything is copasetic, cool, groovy and fun.  Ultimately, Larf Magazine is put together with good ole fashioned love.  Save for the sticky stuff.


Right now we're building our arsenal of writers.   If you have something comedy related, and want to submit to Larf for consideration of publishing, just email us at:

All submissions remain in the ownership of writer, even after publication; unless we buy said piece.

No guarantee we will publish your piece and reserve the right to edit at will.  As a professional courtesy, our editors will be in contact you regarding any possible edits.

Once published, Larf Magazine is not responsible for global warming.