News, Reviews, Views, Interviews, and Original Creative Comedy content all centered around the on-stage and behind the curtain inner-workings of being a live comedy performer.

Stand-up comedy is the meat and potatoes, our Roman senators who speaketh our truth in funny ways.  But, great comedy, including great social comedy comes in the forms of sketch comedy, improv comedy, plays, web-series, film and TV.  We’re gonna try and start small with live comedy.

LA, San Francisco, New York & London.

I’ve lived and worked as a stand-up comedian in all four of these incredible comedy cultures and I love them all for all their unique differences.  Larf Magazine will start off on this website, with contributors from all those four comedy cities, with Los Angeles (where I currently reside) being the main city which will get most of the coverage, especially in the printed version.  Oh, yeah, the printed version.


So, here’s the idea.  The website will have “some content” available to anyone for free.  But in order to get a complete “issue” you have to pick up a copy of the printed version of Larf, which will be available for purchase online or for free in comedy clubs, coffee houses, and sanitariums.  Each printed issue will be 48 pages, front and back color glossy, interior pages black and white with some color pages.  Advertising will be sold.  We’ll probably do an initial run of 1,000 copies and depending on how much ad space we sell, the price per copy should be commensurate with other magazines.  Maybe we’ll add a centerfold.  Something horendous, like a national political comedian, hairy pot belly, and private bits draped with a copy of Larf.

the finest available writers, photographers, cartoonists, designers

I’ve spent the last several years assembling the best of the best.  Each published city will have one editor assigned to find the writers and edit and submit their work.  I’ve got well known established comedy photographers dedicated to each city.  I’ve got top notch cartoonists and some writers.  However, you can submit an idea or a fully finished piece (not more than 1,000 words) and if chosen, you’ll be published and paid.  But, hold your anxious horses.  We’re not ready for that just yet.

The Plan

is to launch the website first and develop and evolve it, adding fresh content maybe once or twice a week.  Then, once we feel we’ve found our collective voice, I will launch our crowd-funding campaign so that we can print the first issue.  Advertisers will offset some of the costs.  I’m not looking to get rich off this.  I want to create something I can be proud of to take to the bathroom with me, other than my fucking phone.  And, we know Zuckerburg films me on the toilet. 

Everyone Gets Paid

Everyone.  The writers, the photographers, the cartoonists, the designers, and eventually the sales team when we get a regular flow of advertising.  But for Larf Issue One, we’re not counting on ads just yet.  The crowd-funding campaign (if successful) will pay everyone.

Who the F#ck Am I?

Good question.  A question I ask myself every morning somewhere between my first cuppa morning Joe and my fantasies of chucking it all and living in the middle of the desert running around like a madman, completely naked and screaming blue murder. I am a writer.  Some say brilliant and gifted.  I don’t dare argue with these people.  Basically I’ve been reviewing and writing about comedy and comedians for 7 years for The Jewish Journal and other online publications.  I’m also still a performer, stand-up comedian, story-teller myself.  I love nuance in art and my philosophy is this.  I like words more than people.  Words have meaning, whereas people are in constant search of meaning.  Having said that, I need a drink.

Anyway, thanks for your interest.  Just stay tuned here for the first Larf blog and more news about the printed edition.

Your friend and mine,

Steven Alan Green

Publisher Larf Magazine